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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 14 of 2021

How are you holding up nowadays, Vancouver?

We know it's been tough, but like we said last week, the summer weather is peeking through and it's giving us all the positive vibes, just like these beautiful photos!

Here's another edition of the Top Views of the Week, featuring some of our favourites from the city and the province!

We're featuring a food photo, cause why not? Doesn't that look incredible?!

Also, make sure to support your local businesses whether they're around the corner, a drive downtown, or a couple blocks down. Let's help the community out in return for some delicious meals on a bright, sunny day.

Carmen is back at it again with these beautiful elevated photos of our beautiful city. How do you do it?

With the heat rising, the sun coming out, and the days getting longer, wouldn't a hike or walk through some of our province's best scenes be a great idea? Just like this one? Gorgeous.

Gastown will always have a soft spot in our hearts (and eyes). Such a classic shot, and a staple of a Vancouver experience.

How can you look at this and not be amazed at the wonder that is Vancouver? It's literally like looking at layers of beautiful nature, with the development of our city.

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