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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 21 of 2021

Friday is here, which means another Top Views of the Week is, too!

It's been cold and rainy lately, but no shortage of beautiful captures from some of our favourite photographers. Check it out!

Taking a peaceful walk on the beach; what a life. Also, that couple and their doggo is the cutest scene ever.

Indoor dining is back, and we're excited to visit some of our local favourites around town. For now, we'll marvel at this beautiful dish.

Doesn't this remind you of an opening shot from a popular television show or something? Those beautiful vibes and views can be seen right here in our amazing city.

Mountains on mountains, seriously, where else can you get such a beautiful view? Great shot!

Don't you love the way the light reflects off the building? This shot is so pure and natural. Love it!

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