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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 5 of 2021

Happy Friday once again, Vancouver!

You know what that means; more features of local photographers and shot-takers and the incredible captures they've been tagging us in!

Nothing like beautiful vibes to open up a Friday and the weekend! We wish you all a fun, AND SAFE, long weekend!

Okay, @carmen2074. You are on a streak! Just incredible, breathtaking views; one after another. Props for sharing these incredible shots with all of us!

I mean, how? How do you keep catching all of these shots?! Beautifully done!

This is Friday morning, 'I need to get some coffee' vibes. Feels so Vancouver.

Honestly, anytime a shot of the Lions Gate Bridge is taken, it'll find its way onto our featured lists.

The grey, the gloom... it's got that mid-week Vancouver vibe to it that just looks and feels so right.

See? More overhead views of the Lions Gate Bridge from the nearby viewpoint. This shot is classic, but it'll never get old.

Like their caption mentions, imagine strolling through Gastown late at night. A cup of hot chocolate, waiting for the steam clock to go off at the top of the hour, taking in the beautiful lights... hopefully everything returns to normal so we can experience the liveliness of Gastown all over again!

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