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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 6 of 2021

Another beautiful Friday, another beautiful list of photos for us to get lost in!

Every week, we're seeing so many angles and sides of our city and province we probably wouldn't see ourselves, and we're extra thankful to these great local photographers for catching the goods for us to enjoy!

Check out this edition of our Top Views of the Week!

Uhm, ain't this a beautiful sight? This screams 'morning drive over to Squamish with a cup of Timmies in one hand.'

While this message is always a favourite to capture during any trip downtown, it's a classic message, maybe holding a little more weight now during these times.

Isaac is usually on this list because he's capturing some breathtaking views that can't be ignored... this is just another one of his amazing photos on ANOTHER edition of our features!

Oh me, oh my. Weren't we so lucky to have even a little bit of snow last week to get awesome photos like this?

Vancouver is so beautifully when the snow falls. The aftermath though, not so much...

Just more snowy vibes on your timeline of Gastown and the little snowfall that we did get!

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