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3 burger spots that you might not have known of in Vancouver!

Burgers. A western classic that is done a variety of ways to satisfy those crazy comfort food cravings.

Vancouver is home to some delicious burger joints, and we've discovered a few ourselves that our fellow Vancouverites may not know about.

So, we're bringing you the X-files on burger joints that we've visited this year; three burger spots you need to add to your list the next time you're out on a food trip!

One of THE most delicious and satisfying burgers in all of Vancouver comes from Popina Canteen located on Granville Island.

They keep it simple with a BC grass-fed beef burger, or a double-cheeseburger. But, let us tell you, simple can taste extravagant; and that's what Popina Canteen has done. Enjoy it from the great viewpoints around Granville Island, and if you need to cool down and satisfy your dessert cravings, they've got freshly baked cream puffs too!

DownLow Burgers at The American are to die for.

They've got one of the best and craziest selection of burgers in the city, and every one of them is delicious. Head to the American for dine in or take out. They'll give you a reason to keep coming back with their wide variety.

How about a Japanese twist on a classic?

At Rice Burger, their story and concept originated in Japan; they don't use regular buns... they use rice buns!

Their selection of asian fusion food instead of beef or patty is a delicious twist that everyone has to try at least once in their life. From Chicken Katsu, a combination of beef, chicken, AND pork, Spam Musubi, to Prawn Tempura? They've got a delicious array of rice burgers that'll have you in the best food coma of your life.

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