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5 Hidden Gems You Need to Go to in Vancouver | Pt. 1

Vancouver has a heck-of-a-lot to offer, from viewpoints, experiences, diverse restaurants, local brands, to mom-and-pop shops... the city has its own little world and there are a ton of things that you might've yet to experience.

This is part one of a cool list of spots you need to checkout the next time you're gallivanting the city. Don't worry, these places are safe to visit and have made themselves as COVID-proof as possible.

If you're someone who craves sugary treats, has a sweet tooth, or an affinity for rare snacks that can't always be found locally, this is the place to be.

Dank Mart is a cool new store that opened up in South Vancouver just along the corner of 49th Avenue and Main Street.

From 10am to midnight, they carry the best cereals, hard-to-find snacks, delicious dunks of cookies, limited time soft drinks and pop, and other tasty treats you didn't know existed... or haven't seen in years.

Not only are they the Footlocker of snacks with their limited-time drops and reveals, they carry tons of snacks, merchandise, and other products from local brands, supporting other Vancouver and Canadian businesses.

Don't worry, either! They follow all safety precautions in-store, allowing a limited number of people in at a time, and they even sell hand sanitizer, hand wipes, and other essential products during these tough times.

La Pache Pizza on Commercial Drive is a hidden gem, seriously.

With all the delicious restaurants and food spots along 'The Drive,' things can get lost in the sauce, and La Pache Pizza is one of those places that are severely underrated.

It's quite the experience; think of an authentic Italian experience, or the amazing Pizza scene in New York. The team behind the counter makes the pizza from scratch right in front of you; kneading the dough, throwing it around in the air, saucing it up, cheesing it up, then throwing it into a stone-fired oven to give you that amazing crust and crisp bottom.

When there are families eating right outside the restaurant before they get home, not to mention, tell you they come "every week," it's gotta be on your list for the next time you're craving a slice of pizza.

Photo by BeVancouver | Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Travelling is pretty much a no-go nowadays. Luckily, Vancouver is home to some of the best views and adventures, maybe in the entire world.

Get a peek of the city skyline and the Lions Gate bridge from sunrise, during the day, sunset, or in the evening. Get a look at Vancouver in its different settings, bring a friend, bring a date, grab some food, and call it a hangout (or a date). It's a great spot without having to worry about being around too many people, while having your socially-distanced hangout.

If you love colour, taking photos, having an excuse to drive up to North Vancouver... Fun Alley is the place to be.

Fun Alley near Lonsdale Quay is the most colourful alley in all of North Vancouver; hence why it's so fun. It's a public mural project that was done by Lukas Kasper through an initiative hosted by the City of North Vancouver.

If you're looking for a great place to bring the kids, hang with friends, stroll with your loved ones, Fun Alley is a great stop. Not to mention there's an Earnest Ice Cream pretty close by! So grab a cone, or a pint of ice cream, and chill!

Delicious burgers, yummy puffcreams (might be the best in town), locally brewed beer and drinks, AND a pretty view?

Popina is your next stop, whether you're with the family, a loved one, or your best friends. This restaurant that's built out of a steel, industrial storage unit is located by the pier of Granville Island, just after the Granville Island Public Market.

Just be careful of the birds, they might go crazy once they see you chompin' at your food!

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