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5 of our favourite foods that are a Vancouver staple Pt. I

We all know when you think of food in Vancouver, there are specific names brought up.

"You've got to try this place when you're in Vancouver." "Honestly, this is a Vancouver go-to."

What are some restaurant, food spots, dessert stops, and other establishments you think of when you hear this? For us, we're doing a part series where we highlight some of our favourites that we hear are a Vancouver staple; must-try's in our city!

Look at that, just look at that.

No, it's not just a hot dog, it's not just a sausage link in the middle of a hot dog bun. It's the combination of awesome Japanese flavours, from their Japanese mayo, seaweed flakes, and other incredibly delicious ingredients topped off on a western classic.

Vancouver has a ton of vendors and stands, a food truck, along with their main shop on Robson St.

Joe Fortes Seafood and Chophouse has been a classic go-to in Vancouver for YEARS.

The story of the burly seaman follows when this restaurant was opened (or based on history, re-opened) in 1985 and never looked back, and for good reason why.

Their oysters are the real deal.

The butter beef, the Beef Luc Lac, and what tons of Vancourites call, "the Crack Wings," Phnom Penh is home to one of the most in-demand menus in all of the city.

For good reason, it's a restaurant focused on serving traditional Vietnamese and Cambodian dishes that satisfies your cravings for comfort.

There's literally line up outside of this place all the time, and we can tell you why.

Jam Cafe in Vancouver is home to one of the best breakfast and brunch menus in all of the city. Pancakes, chicken & waffles, classic mimosas, a variety of eggs benny options, tater bowl... wake up and fill up!

Crafting specialty coffee since 2004, and they've been especially special in Vancouver with their amazing cups of coffee and pastries.

They've got three locations in Vancouver; our personal favourite is the one located on Main St. One of the prettiest coffee shops in all of the Lower Mainland.

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