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5 of our favourite foods that are a Vancouver staple Pt. II

Part two is finally here!

Vancouver, as mentioned before, is a hub to some of the best cuisines, restaurants, trucks, and vendors in the world. The diversity is an awesome thing our city takes pride in, and it shows through the variety of delicious options we have.

Here are some more Vancouver food staples that you need to check out!

One of the best sandwiches you'll ever have, and we stand firmly behind that statement.

Meat & Bread is home to a small but awesome selection of sandwiches; their best, well-known choice being their Porchetta.

Their toasted sandwich bread, salsa verde and crackling topping the Porchetta... it's a treat. Tip for you: ask for a side of mustard, it's an amazing combination.

A family-owned business that's been running since 1987 continues to bring you all the best, late-night cravings when you're feeling comfort food, or needing a pick-me-up after a night out.

Or, in this case, after a late night Zoom party...

Fried chicken, donuts, sandwiches, burgers, bubble tea, wraps... we could go on; they've literally got EVERYTHING.

One of our favourite dishes is the 2-piece spicy chicken combo with rice, paired with a refreshing bottle of Jarritos.

Tip: They've got donuts on sale a few hours after they've been freshly baked! Sometimes, the next day donuts are the best surprise.

There's usually lineups during weekends and brunch events, and for good reason!

One of the best spots for an eggs benny, chicken and waffles, and a refreshing mimosa. Tip: Make sure to call in or reserve online ahead of time!

Sweet and savoury jerky... salmon style! One of the best places to get your salmon fix, however way you like it, is from Longliner Seafoods at the Granville Island Public Market.

Salmon is MAJOR in Vancouver, so if you're looking for a local delicacy to treat on, we strongly recommend a visit to Granville Island and making this vendor a priority!

An already great menu, a brunch menu, a happy hour menu, a Sunday Night Seafood Boil... what else would you want from a restaurant posted up on the pier of Granville Island?!

This is one of the local favourites for dates. family dinners, brunch with friends, and so much more. Get a view of the water and Downtown Vancouver while enjoying delicious, fresh seafood.

Some of our personal favourites that we recommend you try, are the Dungeness Crab Cake, the Margherita Pizza, the Truffle Parmesan Fries, and the Sandbar Tower that you see in the Instagram post above!

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