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5 Restaurants You Need to Visit in Vancouver this Week! | June 21 - 27

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Nice, a restaurant for every weekday you're craving something.

Besides, we want to support local restaurants during this time, especially those that are open and are following the safety precautions to ensure you a delicious dish, and a great experience.

Here are five of our favourites that you should check out this week!

Photo by BeVancouver | Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Vij's is owned and co-founded by Vikram Vij, and Meeru Dhalwala, two veterans and legends in Vancouver's restaurant industry.

If you're craving Indian food, they're the place to be. They're not your typical Indian restaurant, either. They serve a modern collection of dishes and plates that originate from classic Indian cooking from the spices, methods, and palettes. However, they've put their own twist on it from their experiences and knowledge of different styles of cooking.

We recommend the DELICIOUS, Marinated Lamb Popsicles served with a Fenugreek Cream Curry. It's to die for, and it's their signature dish that people from all around the world travel and visit Vij's just for this!

If you're craving a Nashville-style chicken sandwich, fried chicken, and all the extras... DownLow Chicken Shack is one of the best spots in town.

Get chicken by the piece, choose from their crazy but yummy selection of sandwiches, sides, add-ons... OH, and they've got chicken and waffles. Just when you thought a place couldn't get anymore epic.

It's not ramen, it's not stir-fry.

Kokoro Mazesoba serves a soup-less version of ramen noodles with a unique combinations of toppings, from pork, salmon, green onion, eggs, and so much more.

If you're an adventurous eater that loves to try new things, with a familiar palette to things you've tried before, Kokoro Mazesoba should be on your list!

Want an authentic, Neapolitan-style pizze experience?

La Pache Pizza serves delicious slices that are made right in front of you, with the team behind the counter kneading, throwing, and twirling the dough around before throwing it into a huge stone-fired oven.

When they pull it out, you can see the cheese and sauces bubbling, with a variety of toppings from your basic pepperoni, to veggies, meats, and more.

It's a hidden gem, and it might be one of the best slices in all of Vancouver.

If you're still hungry, and you're hanging out on 'The Drive,' walk a couple blocks down for some AWESOME Mexican food.

La Mezcaleria, or Mezcal, is an awesome spot for your tacos and quesadillas fix, but they're also well-known for their signature molten cheese fondue served in a volcanic stone bowl.

They're in the discussion for 'best Mexican food in all of Vancouver.'

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