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5 Restaurants You Need to Visit in Vancouver this Week | July 19 - 25

Eats all around, and as more restaurants open up, more options are available for you to satisfy all kinds of delicious cravings you're having.

Again, Vancouver is one of the most, if not the most, diverse cities and regions in the world when it comes to cuisine. Here's a delicious list of five places for you to try out; make it one for every week, for the next five weeks!

Eat good, while supporting our local businesses!

Want delicious burgers, refreshing drinks, some of THE best onion rings, and you can do takeout, or eat in! They've got walls setup between tables, booths, mandatory sanitization before entering the restaurant, and awesome arcade games to play during your drink as if you were at the fair!

We recently visited and featured Cibo Trattoria, even managed to giveaway $100 as a gift certificate to a lucky winner!

Cibo Trattoria is led by Executive Chef, Jesse Zuber, who was a past contestant on Top Chef Canada Season 6 on the Food Network. Yup, a pretty big deal!

Their food is as authentic as it can get when it comes to Italian cuisine. Delicious pasta, yummy seafood, great melt-in-your-mouth cheese... you are literally travelling to Italy without leaving the city.

Less of a restaurant, more of a food truck, BUT, it's some of the best lobster rolls you'll find in the city.

Usually set up at Mount Pleasant Park, you can choose from their lobster roll, crab roll, lobster bisque, grilled cheese sandwich, lobster bites, and even their $100 White Surgeon Caviar and Lobster Roll... sounds crazy, but absolutely delicious.

Another restaurant we recently featured, Yuwa Japanese Cuisine is authentic Japanese food with a traditional experience.

Fresh sashimi, traditionally-inspired dishes with a local flare, and amazing wine and sake pairing. It's one of the best restaurant experiences you can ever have, not to mention their focus on dining within the community, making it feel like a second home.

Calabash Bistro is an authentic Caribbean restaurant focused on celebrating and sharing Caribbean culture with Vancouver.

Support local, BIPOC businesses like Calabash Bistro; they service delicious, heart-warming dishes that feed the soul, just like this mouth-watering Oxtail Stew.

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