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5 student-friendly restaurants for an affordable but delicious meal!

School is back!

Which means, students are back in grind mode spending half of their days in class, and the rest of it studying. We've all been there at some point.

What we do also know, is something called "college food." The instant ramens, the canned goodness, the quick and easy meals that cost little-to-nothing.

Well, we've created this list just for the students.

We're sharing 5 of our favourite restaurants that are within distance of some of the major education institutions in the Lower Mainland. These food spots are both delicious and AFFORDABLE so you can switch up your meal routine and enjoy every now and then... or every day.

If you're a returning student, we're sure you know about this place. If you're going to SFU for the first time, we strongly recommend this place.

Japarrito takes the traditional, Japanese sushi experience and rolls it all up into a burrito. This infuses all the flavours of your favourite sushi rolls or poke bowls, and helps you take it on the go one bite at a time.

The sushi burritos are huge, making it perfect as a quick meal to scarf down when you've got a short break, or, when one hand is holding the pen, and the other hand is holding the food.

All their sushi burritos and bento boxes (if you want the traditional rice and meat experience) are maximum $13, with sushi rolls priced under $7!

A five minute drive, or a 15-20 minute walk, some of the best noodles and Taiwanese cuisine is hidden at a corner on Willingdon Avenue!

From beef noodle soup, traditional Taiwanese dishes, fried foods for comfort, delicious and affordable meal combo, AND bubble tea? If you're craving comfort food, or hoping to get a full combo that's 10 cents to the dollar, No. 1 Beef Noodle House holds up to its No. 1 label.

Enjoy Filipino flavours and asian fusion within a four minute drive, or a 12-minute walk down the street at Baodown UBC!

Enjoy their signature baos, fries with the works, rice bowls, and sides for under $12! They also serve breakfast from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine and Indian cuisine without worrying about breaking the bank!

Main Kabab Hut has everything, ranging from fresh naan wraps, biryani plates, kabab plates, curry entrees, samosas, to even a juice bar! Not to mention no single item exceeds $14 on their menu!

Enjoy some of the BEST Mexican food in all of Vancouver at great prices, perfect for students in the area studying at the SFU campuses downtown, VFS, and VCC!

Choose from a delicious selection of tacos, burritos, especialidades, and refreshing drinks.

Not a single menu item goes over $14!

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