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Check It Out: The New Experience at the Fair at the PNE

Have you missed the classic experience at the Fair at the PNE? Well, you can still get a taste of it despite the pandemic!

The PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) made a significant pivot in response to the Pandemic so that Vancouverites and visitors to the Lower Mainland can continue to experience one of their favourite summertime experiences…. with a twist!

The PNE has developed the new drive-thru experience, and you can experience it from Saturday, August 22nd, TO this Sunday, August 30th.

Our team from BeVancouver decided to gas up the car and take a drive; we are happy to report that the experience was amazing, entertaining, and in some ways, emotionally uplifting. The whole team at the PNE came together to conceive and deliver this new experience in response to the significant challenges everyone, from locals to business owners, have had to overcome... or are still trying to overcome.

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

On arrival, our experience began when we drove through the entrance located at the parking lot on the east side of Hastings Park. We were ushered in by friendly (masked-wearing) faces and followed the signs and cones.

That's when we drove towards what looked like a drive-in movie theatre setup, except we parked and sat by to watch the President’s Choice® SuperDogs™ Tail-Gate Party. We watched the program for approximately 15 minutes in our vehicle, observing an amazing group of dogs running through an obstacle course, leaping objects as high as an average person's height, balancing on objects, and doing all kinds of incredibly difficult tricks.

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

What was even more fun to see were the kids and families sitting atop the vehicles taking in the show. Clapping at every trick, honking at all the acrobatics; it was a fun sight to see!

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Once the show was done, another usher came through to direct cars towards another direction, driving through a street of farm animals hanging out. We drove by and saw geese, cows, donkeys, pigs, goats; it was as if we were walking through an actual farm with the stacks of hay, trucks, and the mini barns!

Afterwards, we drove through a course of air-balloon castles, decorations, big lawn chairs, and other huge objects were we experienced the reverse parade!

It was an impressive and upbeat showing with high-level, trained dancers putting on a show as cars drove past, honking and cheering! The dancers waved at us as we passed by, and we were even stopped by a couple flower pots that took the time to 'pretend' water the car!

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

We then moved onto the Dino Drive, passing by as some larger-than-life dinosaurs roared past us with awesome audio playing as if we were actually in Jurassic Park.

For us, the highlight was the food truck drive-thru, serving up some new dishes, and classic favourites at the PNE.

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

A fried chicken sandwich in between two donuts, the famous mini-donuts but in red velvet, potato twists, Mac & Cheese, deep fried Kit-Kat bars, cotton candy and popcorn... they had everything you could think of at any fair. We recommend trying EVERYTHING, cause we did, and were definitely stuffed by the end of it.

Check out the full food menu, here!

While it isn't the traditional fair experience, the PNE's pivot to do a drive-thru is one of the first to actually pull it off in North America according to one of the representatives we spoke to.

This fun, family-focused taste at a traditional fair experience was one of our summer highlights, and it's only going on until this Sunday!

It's $25 per car load, and you even get a souvenir mask along with two free admissions to opening day of the 2021 PNE fair!

Want to book tickets and reserve your time slot and date, check it out here!

End off your summer with a bang! Bring your kids, your loved ones, pack your car with your best friends, and experience some of the best parts of the PNE.

It ends this Sunday! It's a great way to cap off one of the oddest Summers we have ever experienced. Oh, and did we mention that they have mini donuts?

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