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EatVancouver | Featuring Disco Cheetah (Restaurant & Food Truck)

Disco Cheetah in Vancouver is the marriage of two worlds, serving Korean food with a western influence.

We had the opportunity to visit Disco Cheetah, first to see their restaurant and watch the prep of the food, then to the food truck to see everything cooked and served at the live location.

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Their story started when Kyungmin Kevin Lee, the owner and head chef, along with his wife, thought about investing some savings into something they love: cooking.

In 2014, Disco Cheetah was born.

Coming from Seoul, Kevin knew that he wanted to bring authentic Korean food and dishes to Vancouver, but with a Western twist. They started selling Korean tacos and burritos at their food truck, driving all across Greater Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and the province.

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Then, they expanded, creating their best-selling, featured dish, the KFC; the Korean Fried Chicken Rice Bowl.

It's a delicious mix with the works; authentic Korean fried chicken on top of a bed of rice, veggies, fresh and pickled veggies, peas, which can be served with their spicy sauce and their mayo. It sounds simple, but it's a Korean dish with a western influence, resulting in a well-balanced meal combining protein, carbs, and veggies across the board.

We had the chance to try their Korean Fried Chicken on top of rice with the usual works, and if you wanted to go all the way on the comfort food scale, we tried the KFC on top of fries with their special spicy spicy sauce and mayo, which is an amazing balance of spicy, sweet, savoury, and slightly creamy that just... works!

They've got other twists on Korean classics, such as bulgogi beef, chicken galbi (available at the restaurant), and pulled pork in a Korean Gochujang BBQ marinade. They've also got delicious vegetarian alternatives from their awesome Fried tofu tossed with Tomato & Gochujang Sauce, to their Nokdu Falafel (also available at the restaurant).

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Disco Cheetah is the definition of a small, family-run business that puts their heart and soul into what they do, what they cook, what they serve, and what they try to accomplish with every customer that approaches their truck, or walks through their restaurant doors.

"We do what we do... we love what we do," said Kevin. "Bring Authentic Korean dishes from Korea, but infused with the things that people here like."

Kevin also mentioned his love for Vancouver thanks to the diversity in people and cuisine.

So, if you're craving comfort food, if you want to try something new, we strongly recommend Disco Cheetah. Once you go, you'll never stop coming back.

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