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EatVancouver | Featuring Frying Pan

Want one of the best fried chicken sandwiches on-the-go? Like, literally? Frying Pan might have it.

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

The Frying Pan food truck located on the corner of Burrard St. and West Pender St. is home to Korean cuisine influenced with western styles of food, ranging from delicious french fries with the works, rice bowls, and one of the best fried chicken sandwiches in all of the Lower Mainland.

They're known for their Nashville x Korean style hot chicken sandwiches.

Owner and cook, Jacob Jung, allowed us to come by and see their process of prep and cooking, and to try some of their featured dishes.

Their process was simple, but clean and focused on their quality ingredients.

Their dishes ranged from four to six ingredients on average, but the flavour from their house sauces and spices allowed the simplicity to shine.

We got to try four different items on their menu; four items we strongly recommend you trying the next time you're in the area!

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

TOP: Hot & Sweet! Honey Garlic jalapeño - $13

The stacked fried chicken sandwiches will make your mouth water; again, built up of very few ingredients, but the flavour was incredible. This hot sandwich was the perfect balance of hot, spicy sizzle from the jalapeños and the hot oil, slammed with the creamy coleslaw and honey garlic glaze.

BOTTOM: Feel the Burn! Medium Spicy - $12

This was probably my favourite of all the dishes; BeVancouver has had the pleasure of trying plenty of fried chicken sandwiches across the Lower Mainland, and this had that Nashville hot chicken vibe with a splash of the well-known asian spices and flavours.

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Fried Chicken Breast Rice Bowl - $13

This delicious chicken rice bowl is the perfect balance of comfort and health; fried white chicken breast meat with their special teriyaki glaze on a bed of rice, served with a pan-fried egg, fresh romaine lettuce, stir-fried onions and carrots, and red cabbage.

It almost felt like cheating eating this meal. Who knew something that's on the healthier side can still give you the the fillings to satisfy your fried food cravings?

Credits to Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Smoked Beef Bulgogi Fries - $10

If you're planning on going all the way on comfort, this platter of beef bulgogi fries is to die for.

French fries topped with a huge portion of beef, sprinkling in some cheese with a side of sour cream... it's like a baked potato but with the Korean-style beef bulgogi that makes for the ultimate savoury combination. It's addicting; we tried it before we even left the area, and before we even got back, the fries were cleaned out.

Frying Pan is a small, family-owned business that puts love into their food and cooking. Next time you're in the area, we strongly recommend stopping by for lunch and picking up one (or all four) of the dishes we tried!

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