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EatVancouver | Featuring Singapore Hawker

Coquitlam is quickly becoming one of the best food hubs in all of the Lower Mainland.

Captured by Reuben Dongalen Jr.

With constant growth in the city, we have become a home for an incredible range of restaurants, especially for asian cuisine. North Road is home to some of the best Korean food in the Lower Mainland, and it has quickly expanded to carrying household favourites like Bubble World, Big Chicken Town, and so much more.

Adding to that list of delicious and authentic restaurants, Singapore Hawker, is a restaurant that one of our staff writers discovered while on the hunt for lunch with their mom.


Mind you, his mom spent nearly five years in Singapore; she elaborated on her stories back then of waking up and having a huge order of roti with curry sauce for breakfast, and slurping down a huge bowl of Singapore Laksa after a long day of work.

When she had the opportunity to step foot into Singapore Hawker, the food was so authentic, it brought her back to her days in Singapore. Teary-eyed, she found her new favourite restaurant.

Captured by Reuben Dongalen Jr.


There's much to love about this place; it's a family-owned business that prides itself on many of the values that Lower Mainlanders and Vancouverites do: being 'green,' and conscious of the environment, diversity, family, and authenticity.

Their food comes from the same inspiration of the food back in Singapore, with their chefs specializing in the authentic flavours of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Old China, and India.


When we visited Singapore Hawker, their amazing team allowed us to watch the be food prepared, cooked, and served.

We had the opportunity to try a plethora of their dishes! Ones that we strongly recommend that you try!

We watched them prepare the Sambal Green Beans, and the Mee Goreng; this was cooked on a traditional wok with all the flames and all the flipping!

Prepared with traditional sauces, local, high-quality ingredients and spices, each dish was special on its own, but both to die for.

Sambal Green Beans were somehow sweet and hot, an amazing balance of flavours; it almost felt like cheating eating such healthy ingredients in such a savoury, comforting way.

Then Mee Goreng was especially delicious. Fresh yellow noodles, a special sauce, stir-fried with veggies... again, comfort food at its finest.

We also had the opportunity to try their Roti Canai, Kari Lembu, Nyonya Sambal Egg, Char Kuey Teow, Hainanese Chicken, Nasi Goreng... and they have much more than that, too.

We strongly recommend trying EVERYTHING, but if there's one thing we know you'll get hooked on, it's there Singapore Laksa. They explain it perfectly: "Mildly spicy. Vermicelli noodles w/tofu puff, prawns, egg, fish cake, fish balls in a rich seafood coconut soup base."

Most importantly, continue to support local businesses like Singapore Hawker! We've all been hit with the challenges of this pandemic, and we've seen plenty of our favourite businesses go down hard. Let's continue to bring the community together to support these families!

Stay tuned for an exciting giveaway COMING SOON with Singapore Hawker! Like our page on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and give Singapore Hawker a follow too!

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