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Halloween celebration ideas during the pandemic!

Trick-or-Treating is going to be a little bit different this year.

With the pandemic, human interaction has lessened, making it harder to be around the people we love and experience things like we did prior.

The same will be said about many people's favourite holiday of the year: Halloween.

Dressing up, partying, hanging out at your neighbour's house, passing candies, etc. are going to be way different than ever before. However, it doesn't mean you can't at all!

Here are some ideas for you to celebrate Halloween with your friends and loved ones, pandemic-style.


Why not host an online Zoom call, or a Google Hangout with your family members and best friends? Dress up at home, eat some candy, drink some creepy cocktails, jump on an online video call, and go around the table in style!

Show off your costume, walk towards the camera like it's a fashion show... we can still dress up and look scary with all of our friends!

You can also carve pumpkins together online! Grab a pumpkin each, setup your space, set a timer, and start carving together! Then, at the end, vote on who's got the best pumpkin! Winner gets a virtual gift card, a redeemable gift voucher, etc. Everything can be done online nowadays; we can still have the same Halloween fun like nothing happened!


There are so many recipes online for Halloween-themed dishes, desserts, and drinks for you to enjoy. Why not brew a wicked concoction, or eat something deliciously slimy?

Again, jump on a call with friends to brew and cook together, or add it to the list of activities to do with your family at home!

There's no reason we can't enjoy Halloween this year. We've just got to take pre-cautions and make some adjustments so we can still enjoy the horrors of October 31st.

And if you are going out, please make sure to wear an appropriate mask UNDER your costume mask to protect yourself and others!


Virtual Reality gaming and experiences have become a new trend, and an incredibly fun one.

Jump into different worlds, places, and bring your friends and go through virtual escape rooms, shoot zombies, or run away from ghosts!

There are plenty of VR rooms in Vancouver; search them up and give them a call to see how they can ingest fear into your heart during this spooky season!


If you're uncomfortable taking your kids out for trick-or-treating, or maybe your close circle you've been in contact with from the very beginning want to stay in together, why not run a little candy hunt?

Hide small to big candy treats around the house! It's a fun way to collect candies and fill that bucket up quick with your favourite treats. Spice it up a little and turn the lights off, decorate the house with all kinds of creepy crawly decor, and maybe wear a bed sheet and run around the house scaring people!

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