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One of our favourite food corners in all of Vancouver!

A corner stop of incredible food that can't be missed!

If you're feeling hungry, or adventurous, or maybe you want to flip a coin cause you're not entirely sure what you want eat? The corner on Kingsway and Fraser offers up some of the best food spots in the city.

If you're feeling Mexican food and tacos, and churros, and burritos... right on that corner is the famous Sal Y Limon, known for their cheap tacos, yummy burritos, paired with a refreshing bottle of Jarritos.

Get their traditional tacos for $3, or choose from their premium selection of authentic flavours for $3.50! Add cheese and guac, and trust us, you'll never want to go anywhere else again.

But, let's say you want something else. Or, maybe you're still hungry and wouldn't mind expanding the spread.

Straight Outta Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria has got those authentic, New York style slices that you fold up and chomp on; the perfect comfort food craving buster!

Get a HUGE slice for under $5, and it's literally right next door to Sal Y Limon.

If you want to do what we did, we ordered a few tacos then went next door to order a couple slices, creating the ultimate dinner spread for our friends.

If you're still hungry, or not feeling tacos or pizza, you can always indulge on amazing Vietnamese sandwiches called Banh Mi! At Ba-Le Deli & Bakery, you can have one of the best fusion foods in the world, mixing traditional Vietnamese cooking and prep with French flavours and styles.

An assortment of Vietnamese prepared meats on a French baguette is to die for.

Did we mention all sandwiches are under $7?

They've also got fresh pastries if you're feeling dessert!

So, the next time you're on a food trip, no need to drive around, transit around, etc. Why not make it a one-stop shop by checking out these three amazing restaurants and food spots to satisfy all your different cravings?!

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