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Ryan Reynolds offers $5000 to help daughter find stolen bear with mother's last message

Mara needs help finding her Herschel backpack that stored her teddy bear containing a special message from her mother shortly before she died last year.

Mara's mother, Marilyn Soriano, had her voice recorded before she died of cancer last year, and put in a custom-made Build-a-Bear teddy bear that was stolen from them sometime on Friday, while they were moving into their new place in West Vancouver.

Mara Soriano said there were a few important documents, some things to keep an eye out for when helping look for this bag: a book of blank cheques, her citizenship card, her and her fiance's passports and social insurance card, an iPad and a Nintendo Switch.

If you have any information on the bear or the bag's whereabouts, can contact Soriano by email at You can also share tips with the Vancouver Police Department by calling 604-717-3321.

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