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Tips to help improve your mood during the grey, Vancouver weather

There's a reason they call the city, "Raincouver."

Vancouver for six months during the year can get rainy, gloomy, ugly, so on and so forth. If you've lived here for your entire time, you know how it is.

But, if you're new to town, or recently moved over, we're warning you now, the weather can have you feeling down and under. With the pandemic and the challenges we're all facing nowadays, we know it can be incredibly tough overall.

To help you keep that mood and morale up during the grey seasons, we've got a few Vancouver tips to help you out!


Yes yes, it probably seems counter-productive for us to tell you to go outside and walk in the rain, but, there's a good reason. But, that's not ALL we mean when we say "move."

Staying active and moving will help your brain and body keep the blood flowing. Whether that's exercising in the house, taking a walk to the store, going for a run, etc. movement will help you feel like you were able to triumph the gloomy weather.

There's something about getting ready and moving that triggers feelings of productivity; this is a simple, but great way to boost your mood during the grey seasons. Luckily, there's tons of awesome places to walk to, around, and by in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.


If going outside, moving around isn't an option for you, or you really don't feel like doing it at all, luckily for you, there are a TON of things you can do inside.

We suggest picking up a new hobby; with everything going online nowadays, there's almost a tutorial or a masterclass from some of the simplest hobbies, to the most difficult of skills.

Cooking, coding, photography, graphic design, or learning how to do physical hobbies through video! Do something that you'd feel motivated in trying and improving at. Seeing progress is one of the best feelings, and can have you forgetting about what the weather or the vibe is like outside!


Tons of Vancouverites are undergoing home improvement projects from making home gyms, re-painting the interior of their homes, rearranging bedrooms, building new office spaces (since a ton of work is going remote), to improving their kitchen.

Cleaning, first of all, will trigger that feeling of productivity. It'll help you feel at ease mentally whether it's your bedroom, kitchen, living room, garage, etc. A messy space or cluttered area can also result into cluttered thoughts and emotions especially on a day when the weather or the vibes outdoors is already impacting your morale.

Secondly, when rearranging or improving a space, depending on what the space is, you'll come away with a feeling of victory. On top of that, you'll feel motivated to use that space to its fully since you've improved it. So, for example, if you're able to outfit your home office to have an incredible workspace, you'll feel excited to wake up in the morning and start working.


A lot of the time, music can be a super effective form of making you feel something emotionally; that could be getting you hyped up and ready, or carpool karaoke, or even chilling out to some relaxing music.

We won't go ahead and say, "listen to upbeat music" to help you feel better, we recommend listening to music that'll put you in a state where the weather doesn't matter... or maybe the weather is the setting for the type of music you're listening to.

Sometimes, if it's gloomy and rainy outside, some relaxing music can help calm your mind, resulting in you embracing the greyness of the city, rather than hating it.

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