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Top Views of the Week! | Wk. 31

We get tagged on some gorgeous shots on Instagram, and people send us their amazing photos on Facebook.

As you know, we feature a great capture every Tuesday of every week; now, we're bringing in our weekly views, where we feature the amazing photo tags and shares from our audience.

Check out the top views of the week! Follow these amazing photographers and people for some eye-candy on our beautiful city.

The tones in this one can be an acquired "taste," but, what a beautiful capture of Mount Baker from Vancouver.

You've got to love the bright lights of Vancouver; an amazing shot of what looks like a peaceful night in our beautiful city.

Just a beautifully composed shot of the sky reflecting onto the bridge. Think of it as a natural spotlight!

Have you ever tried climbing the Siwash Rock? (We're pretty sure it's illegal, though, so... don't try it) Nonetheless, an absolutely gorgeous shot of a natural wonder right in our home.

The black and white gives our beautiful city that antique, vogue-ish look. Just an amazing capture and kudos in post, too!

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