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Top Views of the Week! | Wk. 32

We get tagged on some gorgeous shots on Instagram, and people send us their amazing photos on Facebook.

This week's shots are absolutely beautiful points of view of our city, our province, and all of its wonders.

An early morning of Vancouver across the way from the seawall; just a beautiful, peaceful vibe that everyone should experience at least once. We've got one of THE most beautiful skylines in all of the world.

Yup, not sure there is anything more beautiful than taking in the quiet beauty of the sunset. If you're looking for beauty and views, you can never go wrong with English Bay.

Just an incredible capture. What a beautiful shot shining over the couple on the swing at Sunset Beach. This is seriously so romantic.

The tall towers, buildings and construction is a natural beautiful in itself; portrayed in this photo. Just something about this photo screams how lively our beautiful city is.

Lighthouse Park is another incredible view that you can never wrong with. No words. Just bask in the composition of this shot, and imagine you're actually there.

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