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Top Views of the Week! | Wk. 33

Another Tuesday, another series of amazing captures of our beautiful city, our province, and our home.

Check out the top views and features of the week taken by our followers, friends, and our supporters across the province! Want to be featured, too? Tag us (@mustbevancouver) in all of your photos and captures!

What an incredible capture, looking deeply (both figuratively and literally) into the natural wonder of our province. Can you guess where exactly this was taken?

The composition and the colour of this shot is amazing. You always have to give up to photographers and photo-takers when they manage to capture the beauty in the moment.

Just another beautiful shot of natural wonder. We live in one of the few parts of the world where you can go up to the mountains, or go down and chill by the beach. Beautiful British Columbia it is.

Located southwest of Heffley Lake and to the Northeast of the city of Kamloops, is Paul Lake Provincial Park, and exactly where this stunning shot was taken. Dogs and boats is one heck of a relaxing vibe, captured beautifully in this shot.

It has been week of rain and grey; a common theme in Vancouver but not lately with the blazing sun and heat. Despite the cloud over our heads, Downtown Vancouver still manages to be as stunning as ever.

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