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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 34

You know what day it is!

Tuesday, the day where we share some of our favourite and most beautiful views/photos that we've been tagged in, or have been shared with us.

Check out this week's fab five!

We all saw that lightning storm on Sunday night, and while it has the creepy, scary, dangerous feel, something about the veins of the strikes make it look abstract and artsy! Fantastic capture!

Who doesn't love a beautiful sunset over the city skyline? The colours are absolutely eye-catching.

Again, Vancouver's coast is a natural wonder in itself. Just a beautiful nature-sculpted figure overlooking the world's water body.

Who doesn't love the bright lights of Downtown Vancouver? The blue light makes it look almost like we're living in the future, especially with the subject on the electric scooter!

Gastown is a VIBE. Something about the old-school feel that makes this part of town attractive. No wonder locals AND tourists love Gastown!

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