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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 35

Another week, another Tuesday to take a look at some INCREDIBLE captures from local photographers!

Check out our fab five of top views this week!

Gotta love the bright lights of Downtown Vancouver. Can you guess which part of Downtown this is? The "REGIS" sign probably gives it up, doesn't it?

Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the best views in all of Vancouver. Gotta give it up to @Granturelli for capturing an amazing shot in the evening!

We'll never, ever get sick of the city's skyline.

Honestly, how many cities or regions can you go to and see beautiful sky-scraping towers with mountains in the background? It's a like a wallpaper in real life!

Doesn't the sky look, fake? But, in the bestest way possible?

Just a gorgeous view through the trees, looking up at those incredible rays of sunshine!

While this isn't captured in Vancouver, this shot over the New West Quay and the Patullo Bridge is perfection.

The colours, the composition; this is artistry.

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