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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 36

The seasonal change is among us, which means the summer photos are coming to an end.

But, let's admire them for as long as we get them, and Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and the rest of British Columbia is always a beautiful sight with the sun out or down.

Check out this week's top views!

Gastown is an absolute scene with the bright lights on as the sun comes down. Incredible shot, @abhishekbunny!

Are you really a true Vancouverite if you've never freaked out about losing your bus ticket, your compass card, or not having enough change to upgrade to another zone?

@diarythruthelens with this impressive shot capturing the skytrain in the gritty downtown streets of Vancouver.

Downtown on Granville Street, our very own entertainment district.

@hznh_photos has been capturing some awesome late night photos, making Vancouver feel like it's alive and well no matter the time.

Can't have views of the week without capturing the natural wonders that is Vancouver and British Columbia.

We wonder, @granturelli, how far did you have to travel, walk, and/or hike just to get this shot?! A photo that brings instant peace and tranquility.

Okay, @carmen2074, how are you getting an abundance of these overhead shots?!

One person we've received feedback from is, "Vancouver is one of the few cities where you can see mountains and nature in the background of sky-scraping towers.

Just an incredible shot that pretty much embodies what Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is: a combination of natural beauty and a lively city.

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