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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 37

September is here, folks!

Gotta soak up the sun as best we can while the tail end of summer is still here. Tuesday is feature day, and here we are sharing some more beautiful shots and captures from local photographers on Instagram!

Here's the top views of the week!

Golden hour in B.C. and Vancouver is such a beautiful sight to behold.

The sun shining down on the trees, the water, the mountains; couldn't feel anymore 'beautiful British Columbia' than this.

How many times have you driven by or taken the Skytrain and seen the awesome 'W' built out of cargo containers?

Just one of the amazing shots encapsulating New Westminster!

Something about this shot captured our eye! The close up of the lit-up pedestrian under the Granville St. sign makes it feel like we're actually there downtown.

What's your favourite street in Downtown Vancouver to walk on?

The semi-purple and blue sky in contrast with the green environment is absolutely gorgeous.

Kinda makes it feel like we're actually in the woods breathing that fresh air!

We've seen some incredible overhead shots like this, and we'll never, ever get tired of this.

The extra brownie points go to the fiery flare in the sky just above the water and the mountains in the background.

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