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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 38

Despite facing some seriously challenging times, there's so much beauty around us.

Our city and our province is a place of tranquility and liveliness, things we may tend to take for granted.

This week's incredible captures were chosen to help give you a little bit of a perspective into what is accessible to us in our backyard!

Here are the top views of the week!

English Bay is always such a treat when the sun is going down.

C'mon, just look at that.

The wildfire smog has been tough, making it all the more challenging to go outside. Make sure to wear your masks even more now!

The moon masked by the heavy smog gave it this unique red colour that looked almost apocalyptic.

Can you believe this is in the backyard of our province?

The beautiful, blue waters are just a sight to behold. Not very many places in the world where you can digest a view like this.

That's two features by @fotosbysunny; we loved this captures in Downtown Vancouver with this edit!

Vintage vibes in Vancouver, gotta love it.

Just more natural wonders in British Columbia. You can almost hear the calm waters splashing towards the shore and the birds chirping away as they fly over the beach.

Imagine climbing that rock structure and jumping off into the waters, too. Living life on the edge!

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