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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 39

The Fall season is here!

Today is the first day of the new season, which means the leaves turn their colour, a little bit more grey, and a little bit more rain everyday.

However, it doesn't mean there aren't ways to see, capture, and view beautiful sights in and around our city and our province.

Check out these amazing shots in our Top Views of the Week!

Get in those last few days of soaking up any possible sun on the beach, because it's going away soon!

Despite the greyness in the skies of this photo, for some reason, it manages to make the beach look comforting and the place to be.

Beautiful composition, seeing the contrast between the aura of the beach, and the grey skies that you'd generally think makes the beach experience less fun without the sun.

Look. at. that.

Absolutely gorgeous, @granturelli, you've done it again. The Burrard Street bridge with the lights reflecting off the water is such an incredible sight to see. Just makes you want to sit back, take a deep breath.

The beautiful sunset, with the ray of light reflecting off the water.

If you didn't notice, look towards the right, with the moon starting to trickle in as the sun goes down. Just an incredible shot, @keanimages. Our universe is a sight to behold.

Okay, @chrismdao, how the heck did you get up there?

Seriously though, what a view. Can you believe this is right in our backyard?

This is such a British Columbia photo if there ever was one: the trees, the mountains, the super-blue water, and the person standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the video. *sigh,* gotta love our province.

The empty bench standing in front of the mountains and the trees has this very relaxing feel.

Imagine, walking by and sitting on this bench alone, taking in the view and fresh air around you.

Amazing shot, @pixeliated!

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