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Top Views of the Week! | Wk. 40

Another week, another list of beautiful captures of spots around our city and province!

Here are the Top Views of the Week for week 40!

Always gotta love overhead shots of the water by the city. Such a serene capture, it makes you want to go outside and take a breath of fresh air.

This is such a fun shot; ramen noodles, huh? Love the vintage-esque filter for this overhead shot. Summer feels!

@Granturelli has been one of our recent favourites; capturing some amazing shots of our city and our province. This photo basically defines Downtown Vancouver during the Fall season in a nutshell. Leaves but a still-bustling and busy city right over it.

Last one down is a rotten egg!

Incredible, how did you manage to capture this, @fotosbysunny?! Share your secret spots with us!

Our city and our province is a natural wonder. The rock faces, the mountains in the background, the green, the water... If the word 'serenity' had a definition, it'd be this.

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