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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 41

Another week, another blog to show off our city and our province.

The season has changed and we're seeing photographers and creators capture the amazing scenes of some of our favourite spots with the orange colours, the skies, etc.

Check out the features on the Top Views of the Week!

The beautiful, bright moon as it oversees the dark blue sky of our incredible city.

What an awesome capture! What camera and lens were you using?!

This is such a beautifully composed shot; the green grass with the orange autumn leaves, with the Vancouver skyline in the background, it makes it feel like you're actually there.

Can you guess where this is?!

This shot makes us feel at peace. Imagine it already; a morning stroll around the water, a breath of fresh air, and taking a moment to recover.

Great shot, @ilynnie!

This feels like peak Vancouver during the Fall and/or Winter seasons. The grey gloom, but still has this peaceful, quiet vibe to it that enhances the city's beauty even more.

Also, everyone loves a great overhead shot of the city, the trees, the mountains, and the water all in one.

Now that's a way to make Vancouver feel like a tropical destination 12 months of the year.

Speechless. Incredible shot, @calledesign!

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