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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 44

Happy Friday, Vancouver!

To share the beauty and vibes that come with the last day of the weekday, we're sharing five amazing photos that awesome photographers around the city have tagged us in!

Check out the Top Views of the Week!

Call it purple rain!

The sky ain't always blue, folks. Wow, incredible shot, @ilynnie!

This is the kind of romantic backdrop you'd see at the end of a movie that gives off all the heartwarming vibes.

Vancouver is so beautiful nowadays with all of the different colours in the mix. The red and orange vibes as it transitions to the dark, blue mountains, followed by the orange sky... it's like looking at a natural colour wheel!

Imagine: sitting on a boat as the sun rises, enjoying a cup of coffee with a good book.

That is a dream. With all the challenges we face nowadays, this photo brings a lot of serenity.

"Nature meets the city."

Vancouver can be portrayed and edited and taken to look any way we want it to. This photo is a contrast to many others that choose to capture the great days with the sun out, and the rays shining down.

We love this photo in particular cause Nick has managed to make Vancouver on an average day, look AWESOME.

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