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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 45

It's the first week of November, and there have been some AMAZING shots as we head into the wetter, colder season of the year.

Once again, we bring you some jaw-dropping, gorgeous vibes and captures from some amazing photographers in this edition of the Top Views of the Week!

Some might say this is a bit dark for their liking, some might say the person looks lonely... we think it's absolutely relaxing, and this shot encapsulates what we all wish at some point in our life. Sitting on a swing, looking over the city, reflecting in peace. It seems like there's a whole story behind this photo.

Awesome shot, @pixeliated!

Okay, Chris. Okay, we see you with this!

The glow from West Vancouver! This post is also paired with a time-lapse of the stars... absolutely gorgeous.

The colours, the shot composition... this photo makes it feel like Vancouver is on the edge of a snow day. Besides, it's November, and it's pretty darn cold nowadays, so don't be surprised if we wake up to snow one day!

Awesome shot, @nick_vancity!

You can NEVER get tired of a sunset. This photo is good enough without any background text, story, or caption. The beauty speaks for itself.

Can you guess where along Vancouver this was taken?

Something suspenseful about this photo.. Awesome location and a beautifully-eerie shot. Can you guess if this was taken in the morning, or in the evening?

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