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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 46

They've got the eye for this thing.

Another week, another group of features for some incredible, breathtaking photos capturing our city and our province. Where we live truly is a natural wonder of the world, and that's no different with this group of photographers.

We love sharing the work of those who have been tagging us and sharing their photos with us; we want to continue to support the community, while showing you that there is more to Vancouver, and more to B.C. than just rain and... more rain.

Check out this week's Top Views of the Week!

Jaw-dropping photo overlooking the city and the water. Not much to say, but so much to stare at. Captures a beautiful, peaceful vibe that you'd get as if you were actually sitting by the water.

Okay, the Fall colours are just... seriously, how could you NOT want to live in such a gorgeous city?!

So, are we just going to keep writing captions for pictures that need no explanation?

@Pixeliated, you've done it again. AMAZING shot.

Love the colour correction on this photo! Giving the Vancouver Lookout a vintage feel while giving the sky a subtle pop!

You can hear the cars passing by, the distance honks, the chatter as people walk by... this beautifies the everyday Vancouverite in transit back home.

Plus, those shoes are doing a great job social distancing.

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