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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 51

Week 51. Wow, what a year 2020 has been, huh?

Despite the trials we've all had to face this year, one thing has been a constant, and it's the beauty that we reside in that is Vancouver, and British Columbia.

In one of our last editions of the year, check out these incredible captures from some amazing photographers. Count your blessings, and living in a beautiful place like this is most certainly one of them. These photographers do an awesome job of capturing it for us.

Wow. Just, wow.

Just before the sunrise, huh? It looks like someone painted on a canvas and put it up on a wall.

How does one not like overhead photos? Downtown Vancouver has got to be one of the prettiest cities when the lights go out.

Most things hide when the lights go out; the metropolitan part of our city shines the most during the dark skies.

Most times, an industrial area can look a bit crummy; it isn't always the most appealing thing to capture.

But, @nomad_owly did an incredible job of capturing its elements and finding the right composition to make it look pretty. How about that?!

Welcoming a newcomer to the featured list, @maggiekean showing out with this awesome panoramic of the blue skies and snowy tracks up in Whistler.

To prep us for the Christmas spirit, check out @gwenfarley's beautiful capture of the big Christmas tree on the North Shore! BEAUTIFUL.

Also, make sure to stay up-to-date with our 12-Day Giveaway, posted every day until Dec. 24th on our Instagram! Win something special to a local experience, business, or restaurant this year!

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