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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 49

Another week, another list of views!

We love curating this list every week; it's like eye candy of our amazing home, ending the week off right.

Check out the top views for week 49!

Imagine waking up and having the opportunity to have views like this... Incredible shot, @keanimages!

Out of focus, yet capturing everything so beautifully. The world is our background, and this photo shows that.

We love all Gastown photos. This picture whispers peace, and we feel all the vibes. Gotta love Vancouver during this time of the year.

The beach in the Winter season is a different kind of delight. Imagine if it froze over one day well enough for us to skate on. That'd be kinda fun!

Any shot at night in Vancouver overlooking the Lions Gate Bridge is an instant classic. How do you not fall in love with a shot like this?

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