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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 47

Happy Friday to you Vancouver, B.C. and the rest of Canada!

While we're at home, following protocol to stay at home and reduce non-essential travel, it's a bit tough to be out there enjoying the outdoors (if you ARE an outdoor person in the cold season).

People across the city and the province are still capturing some of our favourite parts of the region, and we want to share their views with you.

Check out this week's Top Views of the Week!


The lone boat out on the water is giving us all kinds of vibes. Imaging sailing out to the middle of the lake, with a book, some snacks... the right way to start a Friday!

Throw your hands up if you're still going on hikes right now! That is a heck of a view.

Calming. If there was ever a picture to help describe "calm," this would be it.

That is one heck of a surrounding to be walking through. The colours bring so much life during a time that is usually grey, dark, and rainy.

We can't wait for the day, again, that we can all go out and enjoy experiences like this, up in the mountains, riding the slopes, and so much more.

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