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Why stock up on fitness equipment, here's an all-in-one that is literally all that you need!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Fitness equipment is in demand and there's a pretty good reason why... or several.

With the seasons changing, cooling down, along with the pandemic that has made it a multi step decision to step into gyms, people are looking for different ways to stay active and fit- Especially considering the outdoors will be less inviting until the Spring time.

This is not a new thing over the last year, though, with tons of Vancouverites and residents in the Lower Mainland bidding, buying, and hunting for all kinds of fitness equipment from dumbbells, commercial machines, to all-in-one workout machines. Working out at home is now, more than ever, a thing!

People are even jumping on waitlists for used equipment from all kinds of vendors and private sellers to outfit their home gyms.

Rather than building a list of fitness equipment you need to stock up on, spending hundreds to thousands of dollars in single pieces (which can up significantly and get super expensive over time), we've come across an incredible, innovative fitness product that will keep you fit and active year round.

They like to call themselves "The Benchmark of Fitness," and for good (and catchy) reasons.

FITBENCH® is an innovative product designed from the exercise class model; helping you transition quickly from exercise to exercise with the right equipment (high-quality equipment, that is) in a safe and neat manner.

It's the modern day fitness product that gives you a number of positive components: the equipment, the ability to exercise with it in a variety of ways, store away safely without taking up negative space, and premium quality.

It's a robust, portable, and organized system that helps you participate in any group class setting, small training program, or if you choose to go lone wolf and workout for yourself personally at home or in your office!

The FITBENCH® One, which is their premier product has just been made available in Canada.

Want to do TRX-style workouts, maybe some dumbbell presses, side-to-side hurdles, box jumps, step-ups, etc. This bench can be customized and fixed to suit your exercise.

FITBENCH® is coming to Canada! Follow FITBENCH® Canada on Instagram and stay tuned for updates. This might be the new, big fitness innovation in the world!

Drop the dumbbells, the barbells, the racks... before you know it, you're looking at tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket!

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