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EatVancouver | Featuring Banh Mi Tres Bon

This now-Richmond-staple is celebrating its four-year anniversary, and their success is not a surprise.

We had the opportunity to visit the famous Banh Mi Tres Bon, and no, they're not just your average Vietnamese restaurant service pho soup and sandwiches.

With that being said, they had a humble beginning. Four years ago, they started out serving traditional Banh Mi's, a Vietnamese-French combination between a French baguette, with incredible condiments and fillings of authentic Vietnamese cuisine ranging from chicken, beef, pork, and more.

From their Banh Mi (which we believe are some of the BEST in all of the Lower Mainland), they decided to serve pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup that is made from stock slowly cooked overnight. What makes them special and different from all of the other amazing Vietnamese spots in the Lower Mainland, is their grass-fed beef and their daily specials.

We tried a wide-variety of dishes from their menu, ranging from best-selling dishes to exciting, Holiday specials that we strongly recommend you try!

One of the best-selling dishes we had the chance to try was the Phở Tái Bò Viên, which is their special bone marrow soup with organic grass-fed tenderloin, beef balls, and rice noodles. There's a reason it's a favourite; it is absolutely to die for!

We also had the opportunity to try their holiday platter, a very special, limited time selection featuring some delicious and beautifully coloured appetizers to get you into the festive season.

Some of the delicious items on the platter were their tapioca dumplings, crepes, steamed rice cakes, woven rice noodles, Vietnamese ham, and grilled shrimp that satisfied all kinds of taste buds! Pre-orders are now available for this incredible, festive platter! The dish will be available from December 7th-24th.

Courtesy of Reuben Dongalen Jr.

We can't go to a Banh Mi spot without trying their sandwiches, so they prepared the Bánh Mì Trio; Jambon, Poulet, Xíu Mại (ham, chicken, and Vietnamese meatballs).

It was the perfect little flight of sandwiches to try out their different fillings, and after eating each one... it only made us crave a full size of each!

Courtesy of Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Another one of their best-sellers we had the space left for were their savoury mini crepes! These are sizzling rice crepes cooked on a special cast iron with shrimp, crispy shallots, and a side of fish sauce.

They were amazing, to say the least. They were pockets of savoury goodness paired with the sourness of the fish sauce, bringing an almost indulgent feeling after eating each one!

Courtesy of Reuben Dongalen Jr.

The final dish that we have yet to list on the table was the special Pomelo Shrimp Salad, and it was a combination that we'd never thought we'd try. The sour, citric bite of the pomelo, the texture and filling of the shrimp, surrounded by a spoonful (or chopstick full) of green papaya, fresh basil and carrots was fresh and decadent, it just worked so well. Drizzling a bit of fish sauce over it completed the taste extravaganza!

Courtesy of Reuben Dongalen Jr.

Banh Mi Tres Bon was a gracious host, and we thank owner Lan Do and her team for welcoming us in with open arms. The experience in their restaurant, like they mentioned in our interview with them, was like eating at home. The team was welcoming, hospitable and provided great service to each and every patron, and yes, of course, the food was delicious.

They do great work in the community, help other local businesses, and continue to be a staple for the patrons of Richmond and the Lower Mainland during these tough times.

Continue supporting your favourite restaurants and local businesses like Banh Mi Tres Bon! It'll go a long way.

Happy four years, Banh Mi Tres Bon!

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