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Outdoor ideas and summer activities that are safe to do during this pandemic | Pt. I

It's August and almost everything has opened up in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland.

While things are open and people are out enjoying the hot weather, remember, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Not to mention, as the social interactions have increased, so have the numbers.

So, we want to help you find the middle ground; stay safe and healthy, while still having fun and enjoying the Summer of 2020.

Here are some things you can do to enjoy Summer while following important precautions to reduce the risk!


The beaches are great open areas for you to claim your area and territory, set down your things, and do a ton of activities!

We've seen plenty of 'don't do's,' though, from extremely large groups over 10 people, to setting up too closely to another group. Mind you, if you feel uncomfortable with the amount of people in the area, don't try to squeeze your way through! Go with plan B, or stay safe and reschedule.

Our suggestion: hangout with a small group from five to six people, pick up food and snacks from your favourite local restaurants and businesses (most are doing takeout right now), and bring it over to your favourite Vancouver beach! Make sure to bring towels, wet wipes, and sanitizer as well.

Some great open areas we've seen some successful, socially-distanced hangouts at are Queen Elizabeth Park, Kitsilano Beach, Alhouette Lake, and West Point Grey Park!


BC Parks are currently open to B.C. residents only, which makes reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19 from travellers from other provinces.

Taking a hike is a great way to stay active and exercise, spend quality time with a small group of close friends and loved ones, while enjoying the hot weather... not to mention when you've reached the top, you can grab those Insta-worthy photos that you can tag us in!

Our suggestion: bring plenty of water, pack your essential sanitary items, and carry some snacks with you to refuel, and enjoy a mini-picnic at the top of some selective hikes.

We've seen some great photos and videos up at the Sea-to-Sky Gondola, Grouse Mountain, Lighthouse Park, Crystal Falls, and Capilano River Regional Park. For COVID-19 updates on trails and parks in the province, check this resource out here.


The City of Vancouver has implemented their temporary patio program for restaurants to increase their service and seating capacity, while ensuring social distancing and other healthy protocols are being followed.

We recently featured seven restaurants with great pop-up patios to experience this Summer! There are dozens of restaurants in the city that have build these temporary spaces so you can soak in the sun, enjoy some delicious food, and still have your favourite, refreshing drinks and concoctions.


The fine, clear weather is a great time to throw out old junk, do home renovations and improvements, and outdoor projects. As you've seen from plenty Vancouverites and other people during this pandemic, they've been building home gyms, repairing patios, painting bedrooms, etc.

There's no better time to make home improvements that in quarantine or in a time when social interactions should be limited!


One of the easiest ways to invite people over for a hangout, a cup of coffee, or some food, is a socially-distanced backyard or patio session.

We've had a few coffee meetings with friends, business meetings, and small family celebrations with as much as six to eight people, distanced out seating, with no shared cutlery or bottles.

Rather than being inside where your home becomes at risk due to social and human interaction, take it outside, set up the space prior to everyone's arrival, and set up plenty of wipes, towels, and a sanitation station.

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