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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 10 of 2021

It's been another beautiful week in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland!

Are you excited about the new order? You can hang out with up to 10 people outdoors! However, we still recommend caution, safety, and staying home if there's no need to go out. Keep those hangouts to your family and your close, inner circle.

Either way, whether you're out and about, or at home chillin' like a villain, some more amazing people went out to capture the awesome weather that we had; check out this edition of the Top Views of the Week!

What's on the other side of the rainbow? What a beautiful shot, and the colours are just... doesn't it make you want to jump into the water?!

It's not Summer yet, but these are the vibes!

The photo composition, the colour, the textures, and the detail make this a photo to fall in love with.

What does this photo show?

It's Spring time! We're in the new season, and we are excited for the better weather. Awesome shot, @nick_vancity!

Carmen's overhead photos are always amazing, seriously, this is just weekly greatness.

Don't you love our city?

The way the light shines off the background, almost as if the Inuksuk has an aura and an energy to it. Good and positive energy that we could all use nowadays.

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