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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 7 of 2021

Another week, another chance to gander at the beauty of our province and our city!

Every week, we share these photos, not only to feature and promote some of the amazing local photographers that we have, but to give you an eye into our beautiful region since going out isn't really an option right now.

Check out this edition of the Top Views of the Week!

Holy smokes. Blue hours in the city, huh?

This is a vibe!

Wow, wow, wow.

This is just a shot of the street, the trees, with the sprinkle of snow, but the way this shot is composed, captured, and coloured, gives it such a cool feel.

Layers. One might ask, "how can a bridge be so photogenic?"

Well, behold!

Can you imagine sitting out there during the sunset? Or waking up and going for a walk to look at this view? Every corner we turn, it's a sight to fall in love with.

Another photo of the Lions Gate Bridge, this time, from a different angle, distance, and is it beautiful. The neon lighting gives it a bit of a futuristic vibe, too!

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