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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 9 of 2021

Who doesn't love a beautiful view?

Wish you were there? Well, since you can't be out and about right now, we've got some more beautiful views for you this week!

Okay, seriously?! Don't you wish you could get access to an overhead view like this to see this?! Awesome shot, Carmen!

Do you look at a shot like this and think 'chaos,' or do you look at this and think 'a city of life?'

We see a city of life, activity... there's an energy these series of shots gives and it feels so right. Awesome shots, Ryan!

Tunnel vision couldn't be anymore beautiful.

Love is in the air tonight. For some reason, every angle, corner, and shape of Vancouver is so so pretty.

Sunny days are coming! Who's looking forward to more of this recent weather?!

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