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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 11 of 2021

It's another Friday, which means another edition of our favourite photos!

Check out this week's featured views, captured by amazing photographers across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

How do you not look at this shot and marvel at the beauty that is around us?

You keep doing it, @vansunsetphoto!

The colours are so beautiful. Gives this an immersive experience to a sunrise or sunset. Have you ever realized that Vancouver is home to some of the best skylines around?

Are they really long light streaks, or, did you happen to catch Flash running through the streets of Vancouver? Either way, the composition is awesome!

Purple Vancouver, a colourful Canada Place, and the moon shining above our downtown outline. There is something so serene about this photo.

This shot gives vintage vibes, almost like a heartwarming end to a good, emotional movie. Amazing shot, @calledesign!

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