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Top Views of the Week | Wk. 13 of 2021

Friday is here, which means we get to take in some more beautiful views.

Vancouver has been getting brighter, warmer, and nicer (despite it actually raining today). We hope that you've been able to enjoy the nice weather while being careful and staying home. Go for a walk, exercise, take a breath of fresh air... and live through the views of another person's lens!

Check out another incredible edition of the Top Views of the Week!

Raincouver can be a gorgeous sight, too!

Instead of hating on the rain, embrace it, and take in the views that we can get despite the wet weather. We miss Gastown and the liveliness it once had.

Kicking it into Spring, are we?

The photo composition is perfect, the beautiful, pink blossoms are gorgeous, and the form on that kick is A1!

How do you get shots like this?!

Absolutely gorgeous capture and the colours give Vancouver a very different life.

The silhouette of the pier under the orange sky and the bright sun is such a classic, but beautiful shot.

Wow, just wow. First of all, the balance it takes to do that, and secondly, we would do anything to be out on the water to see a view like that.

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