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Things to do in Vancouver this week (stay-at-home edition) | Nov. 16 - Nov. 22

Stay at home with your immediate family for at least one more week, Vancouver!

As we've all heard, the public health order brought to us by top health officials in the province have focused on limited social gatherings and interactions, and non-essential travel within and outside of our region. For more details, read here.

We get it, there's a bit of a hold on activities and events for us to do during these times, however, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves, stay active, or satisfy our food cravings.

Barring an extension on the current health order, this week, we strongly recommend doing one of these things all week long to keep you occupied until the date of November 23rd (the day the public health order lifts).

Here are the things to do in Vancouver this week, 'stay-at-home' edition!


While you're watching your movies, T.V. shows, or getting lost in documentaries, what better way than to enjoy with an order from one of your favourite restaurants or food spots?

Our aim has always been to support local businesses and the community in Vancouver, and you can help us out!

It's been a challenging, and quite frankly, sad time, seeing the amount of businesses, restaurants, and experiences (some of them our favourites) that have closed down, both temporarily, and for good.

Not sure where to eat? We've got lists of Vancouver staple foods that we strongly recommend you order from!


There are always things to do in Vancouver! Even if it means they all go online.

Here are a list of exciting things to do, watch, and/or experience digitally or in the privacy and safety of your own car!

Stream and experience five adventured-packed shows running from Friday, Nov. 20, until Sunday, Nov. 29.

You definitely heard that right! From Nov. 20 to Nov. 29, the PNE will be hosting Best Buy's Tech Wonderland!

"Get your ticket for a fun-filled drive through experience for family and friends. Your journey begins in our Tunnel of Lights, festively illuminated by thousands of dazzling Christmas lights. Within the tunnel, you’ll drive past classic Woodward’s Windows and our Best BuyMemory Boxes, where classic holiday traditions are brought to life with a modern twist with the help of the latest and greatest tech from Sony, Google, Xbox, and more."

"Keep the kids busy this fall with Pencils! the FREE online drawing class from Kids Market and Luminous Elephant." Two sessions are available for Sunday, Nov. 22 at 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. For more info, visit here!

"Join us for a week of free discussions, workshops, film screenings and panels discussing “what works” in our bioregion—from Alaska to California, and everywhere between."

Online Viewing Party

This is exactly how we all feeling during this pandemic.

This might be the best time to catch up with all your favourite shows, watch classic films, or get in the groove with recently released movies... all in the presence of your friends and non-immediate family, digitally!

There are tons of ways to do this, like jumping on a FaceTime or group video call, and attempt to sync up at the same time! That's the manual method, but streaming services like Disney + have the option to watch together, and there are all kinds of extensions and settings to watch movies together at the same time without the headache of worrying about what time frame you're at!

What are you watching next?


While gyms are still open for the average person to come in and lift weights, many Vancouverites get break a sweat, step their steps, and stay active with group fitness and classes.

It's a struggle, but home workouts can still hit the muscle right!

Great resources for online fitness, whether they're circuits, Zumba classes, yoga sessions, HIIT workouts, and more, can all be found through basic searches on YouTube and major search engines.

Some great resources we've found that are great everyone are:

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